Sessions with Lyrea Crawford

In her private practice, Lyrea offers individual therapeutic sessions, drawing upon a variety of modalities to facilitate freedom from inefficient patterns that may be at the root of pain, dysfunction and health issues. Careful attention is paid to supporting the whole system in integrating greater balance and optimal function. A few of these modalities are described below.

To schedule your therapeutic session with Lyrea, please call (608) 383-3589 or click here to send an email.

Sessions are clothes-on. Please wear non-restrictive clothing such as sweatpants and T-shirt, or yoga type clothing. Women are asked to not wear a bra under their T-shirt. No tight jeans or skirts please. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for fee information, payment options and the late cancellation policy.

Basic Background Info
Lyrea is certified/licensed in Therapeutic Massage/Bodywork at the National (NCBTMB) and State Levels. WI LMT #2584-146. She offers instruction in Aligned for Vitality Yoga, Wu Style Tai Chi Ch'uan, Coherency Training (a meditation method) and more. She is recognized as an instructor by the Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI), and as a E-RYT 500 & YACEP instructor by the Yoga Alliance. Specifics of her on-going studies with the Barral, Upledger, and Chikly Institutes are available thru the "Search for a Practitioner" links below.


Traditional Thai Massage
Traditional Thai Massage is also known as Nuad Bo Rarn or Nuad Boran. It's a beautiful and elegant 2,500 year old healing modality consisting of slow rhythmic compressions on the muscles, gentle rocking, deep flowing stretches (similar to assisted yogic asanas) Thai Massage stretchand thumb presses on specific energetic pathways. A Traditional Thai Massage session bears little resemblance to Western massage work. Oil is not needed. The client is dressed in loose comfortable clothing and the session is performed on a mat on the floor. Lyrea works with her client using conscious awareness of the breath, and may utilize her thumbs, fingers, hands, elbows, knees and feet to manipulate and stimulate the body during a treatment. The basic theory of the work is to open and create space within the body, balancing it and allowing it the freedom to move and work harmoniously.

Visceral Manipulation is a gentle manual therapy that works with the organs and their connective tissue (ligaments and thin filamentous tissue called fascia). Organs are designed to move with every breath, and during walking, stretching and other normal movements. Optimum health relies on a harmonious relationship between the motion of the organs and other structures of the body. If an organ loses its mobility for any reason, this causes an abnormal point of tension and chronic irritation that is felt through out the body. For example, tension in the gall bladder area is often related to issues with the right shoulder. This gentle therapy re-establishes the body's ability to find its own natural rhythms and thus greater health. For more info visit

Neural Manipulation works in a similar gentle manner to Visceral Manipulation, but deals with the nervous system and the tissues that surround and protect it. The membranes in the skull, the dural tube, and nerve sheaths are often under tension as the result of trauma and injury such as whiplash. Even very old, seemingly minor injuries can continue to create tension in the body with far reaching effects on a variety of physical structures. Neural Manipulation follows and releases this type of tension patterns. For more info visit

Vascular Release is another very gentle way to support the body in finding greater freedom. Release in the vascular network results in better blood flow and nourishment throughout the system. Chronic patterns of tension often dissolve as the tissues regain more of their natural function. For more info visit and Kieran Schumaker's website

Manual Articulation is a soft, comprehensive hands-on therapy that addresses the various aspects of the joints, including, bone, ligaments, arteries, nerves, fascial and visceral connections. The work is very precise and deals with both the initial source of dysfunction and the resulting compensation patterns. For more info visit

Cranial Sacral Therapy and Glial/Brain Therapy gently support the subtle fluid rhythms of the brain and spine that may have been altered through trauma, or long-held physical or emotional patterns. As with all these therapies, the idea is to allow the body to rediscover its own natural rhythm and healing process. For more info visit and

Lymph Drainage Therapy is a method of gently facilitating the movement and elimination of excess fluid build-up in the body. It helps to stimulate and support the immune system. For more info visit

Connective Tissue Massage is sometimes called structural integration, and deals with fascia, the thin filamentous web that is found throughout the muscles, organs and other structures of the body. Tensions in this web can cause pain and dysfunction in seemingly unrelated areas of the body. After receiving this work, clients are often pleased to discover greater ease in their breathing, digestion system and relief of chronic joint issues.

Reiki is a method of accessing and facilitating the flow of universal healing energy. Lyrea is an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, with certifications in multiple lineages. During a Reiki session, Lyrea serves as a conduit for whatever energy may be needed for physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual healing. Since the energy is spiritually guided, it will work according to the highest wisdom, and will go to the greatest need. Reiki works to the degree that the recipient is willing and able to use the energy. The healing Reiki energy may be experienced as warmth, tingling, peacefulness, love, relaxation, or whatever is needed in the situation.

Aligned for Vitality Yoga & Self Care Training (Private Consultations are available in person or in a virtual format)
Private consultations are a way to address chronic pain and other specific physical issues, drawing upon Lyrea's diverse background as both an experienced yoga instructor and osteopathic manual therapist. It is a chance to talk things over and explore some ways that you can help yourself.

During a consultation Lyrea looks at existing patterns that have been built up due to traumatic or repetitive use injury, postural distortions, or for other reasons. Self care suggestions may be focused on enlivening the breath, grounding, or a variety of specific techniques for affected areas of the body. Often underlying core strength and flexibility issues are addressed in some way. In most cases there are simple non-medical self-care techniques that can be done to ease existing symptoms, prevent their reoccurrence, and live a more comfortable, vital and freer life. Lyrea also offers support for individuals who are trying to structure a own home yoga or self-care practice. She is certified with the Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500 & YACEP) and has completed many additional hours of study.

Scheduling, Fees, and Other Notes
To schedule a session with Lyrea, please call (608) 383-3589 or
click here to send an email.

Sessions are clothes-on. Please wear non-restrictive clothing such as sweatpants and T-shirt, or yoga type clothing. Women are asked to not wear a bra under their T-shirt. No tight jeans or skirts please. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The fee for a 1.5 hour individual session (paid by check/cash at the time of the session) is $115, or pay in advance using the Paypal/credit card/debit card link below.

Please note that payment in full is expected for scheduled sessions unless notice of cancellation is given at least 48 hours in advance. If it is possible, longer than 48 hour notice is really appreciated so that others can be given the opportunity to utilize the opening.

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