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Alternate Nostril Breathing Video
From the yogic tradition comes this easy way to balance the body and nervous system. Especially helpful in cultivating a calm, peaceful way of being. Great way to get quiet in preparation for meditation, but also useful at any time during a stressful day.

Waking the Diaphragm
This video shows the location of the diaphragm and demonstrates "Committed Exhale," a way to wake the diaphragm for more efficient lung function.

Important Preliminaries to Self-Massage Protocol Video
The Self-Massage Protocol is not appropriate for everyone. Please view this video before beginning the protocol below.

Self-Massage Protocol Video
This 30 minute video demonstrates a basic self-care routine for refreshing the body. This protocol is not appropriate for everyone. Please view the "Important Preliminaries" video before beginning the protocol.

A Few Major Acupoints
Clicking on this Acupoint link will take you to a printable diagram showing the locations and uses of a few major acupoints. These points are incorporated into the Self-Massage Protocol just above.

Qi Gong Handout for Immunity and Organ Self-Care
Clicking on this Qi Gong Handout link will take you to a pdf illustrating and explaining some simple Qi Gong that can be done to enhance immune function and support your internal organs. Please note that these may not be appropriate for everyone and should be done only when you are feeling well and want to stay strong. DO NOT do Organ Qi Gong at the onset of an illness or while you are sick or running a fever.

Companion Info to Qi Gong Handout for Organs
Clicking on this link will take you to a pdf that more completely explains how to make the sounds utilized in the Qi Gong for Organs.

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